Once a UK limited company is registered with Companies House, it is typically not possible to simply refund the registration. However, if the company is no longer needed or there was an error in the registration, there are specific steps you can take to close or dissolve the company. Here are the options:

Voluntary Dissolution (Strike Off):

You can apply to have the company struck off the Companies House register if it has not traded or sold off any stock in the last three months, and it has not changed its name in that time.
To do this, you’ll need to complete and file Form DS01, and pay a small fee. Once the form is processed, the company will be removed from the register after a specified period, usually around three months.
Administrative Restoration:

If the company has been struck off by Companies House for failing to file necessary documents, you can apply for administrative restoration. This process involves paying any outstanding fees and submitting all overdue documents.
Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL):

If the company is solvent but you wish to close it, you can go through an MVL. This process involves appointing a liquidator who will settle any debts, distribute any remaining assets to the shareholders, and then dissolve the company.
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL):

If the company is insolvent (i.e., unable to pay its debts), you may choose a CVL. This involves the shareholders appointing a liquidator to wind up the company’s affairs and distribute any assets to creditors.
Refund of Overpayment:

If you overpaid during the registration process, you can contact Companies House to request a refund of the overpaid amount. This does not cancel the registration but addresses overpayment issues.
Steps for Company Dissolution (Strike Off):
Ensure Eligibility:

The company must not have traded or sold off any stock in the last three months.
The company should not have changed its name in the last three months.
The company should not be subject to any legal proceedings.
Notify Interested Parties:

Inform all relevant parties (e.g., shareholders, creditors, employees) of the intention to dissolve the company.
Submit Form DS01:

Complete Form DS01 and have it signed by the majority of directors.
Send the form to Companies House along with the required fee (currently £10).
Publication in the Gazette:

Companies House will publish a notice of the proposed strike-off in the Gazette (the official public record).
If no objections are raised within two months, the company will be struck off the register.
Final Closure:

Once the company is struck off, it legally ceases to exist.
It’s important to follow the legal procedures carefully to avoid any future liabilities or legal issues. Consulting with a legal or financial advisor can also be beneficial to ensure all steps are completed correctly.

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